A deadly virus has ravaged a small town, those afflicted have been transformed into blood thirsty killers. The only hope lies in find a cure before morning.

Your fight for survival begins this February only on iPad.

The World is Sick, Find A Cure.

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“Runs feel epic, if not downright dangerous, so getting back (to your lab) in one piece is powerfully redeeming. The weight and feel of weapons is satisfying too, and the world has a lot of stuff to explore and discover.”
- Touch Arcade


  1. Free roaming, open world  based gameplay - You decide where to go and what to do

  2. Dynamic missions and sub missions change every time you play the game

  3. Optimized for iPad 2 running at a smooth 60 FPS and with advanced MSAA

  4. Loot and scrounge weapons, ammo, first aid and more

  5. Collect infected samples to discover a cure

  6. Intuitive touch based controls make collecting, shooting and exploring fun

  7. Survive the night to unlock nightmare difficulty mode

“some of the game's most heart-pumping moments are spent in bathrooms; as you clean your wounds undead can stumble through the door, which leaves you little time to adjust to the conflict. This is some pretty feral stuff; there's a lot of undead and they all want you to join in on the party” 

- Touch Arcade 
- Touch Arcade Preview